Developing an Eye for Accuracy

Because we understand the underlying causes of mistakes, and why all human beings are prone to error, we’re able to show your people how to overcome the natural barriers to accuracy. Tests before and after the training typically show a 50-60% reduction in errors.

All human beings make mistakes with information. Even your best, most conscientious people. This programme is for people who spend 25% or more of their time reading, checking or transferring information. This includes all administration roles as well as customer services, operations, sales, procurement, finance and HR functions across all sectors.

The workshop is delivered over two half-days, so no-one needs to be away from their work for more than half a day at a time. Each delivery is for up to 16 participants.

You will receive a follow-up call after the training to discuss the feedback and results. We discuss resources available to you and your participants' line managers to help optimise accuracy in the workplace and keep accuracy front of mind.

Founded in 2003, Scott Bradbury is a specialist publisher and training organisation, with a proven track record in face-to-face workshop delivery and 'WATCH & GO' video-based online learning services.