Hydraulic lifting table platform scales with height adjustment

The lifting table platform scales make a new way of weighing possible. They enable quicker, more convenient and more back-friendly loading and unloading of pallets, boxes or pallet cages.

PCE Instruments added the hydraulic lifting table platform scales PCE-HLTS 500 to its product range very recently. The PCE-HLTS 500 makes the work in industry and production much easier. Lifting and decreasing the height of the platform scales is very easy - by pressing a key on an external operating panel which has an up and a down key as well as an emergency stop button. The infinite height adjustment makes it possible to adjust the height of the platform individually to a height between 350 and 1130 mm so that each employee can work at their ideal height. The platform scales have a platform size of 1300 x 850 mm and this working surface is surrounded by a safety edge. The lifting or lowering process is interrupted immediately in case of a power outage or when something is stuck in the scales. The PCE-HLTS 500 model has a weighing range of 500 kg and a resolution of 0.2 kg. With its many functions such as the piece counting function, the totalising function and the adjustable alarm values, all the work can be done without interruption, quickly and without any problems.

In addition to the lifting table platform scales PCE-HLTS 500, PCE Instruments also offers crane scales with weighing ranges of up to 20 t which stand out in industrial applications by their mobility and low net weight. With hanging scales, it is possible to weigh very small items as well as large containers and bags. PCE Instruments‘ product range also includes some regular parcel scales equipped with the latest technology.

PCE Instruments has now been a leading manufacturer of high-performance measuring equipment, control equipment, laboratory equipment and weighing equipment in 11 countries around the globe for 20 years.

More information can be found here: https://www.pce-instruments.com/english/weighing-equipment/scales-and-balances/platform-scales-kat_40079.htm


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