Our research to inform sustainable investment

Cambridge Econometrics is a world leader in provision to the finance community of quantified economic impacts with global coverage under different futures for the climate change transition. Our sustainable investment work has expanded rapidly as the appetite for Paris-aligned investments has grown.

Both our natural world and the global economy are at risk from climate change. Here, economist Sophie Heald describes how the global economy will experience profound change and how our research can infrom investors.

Cambridge Econometrics (CE) is a leading independent economic consultancy. Our analysis and insights are used by clients around the world to inform policy decisions about pressing challenges to society. The CE Group employs 50 people at our companies in Cambridge, Brussels and Budapest. As the trading arm of a charitable trust, we’re driven by a desire to make a difference, not just a profit. We provide economic and policy research in areas that we are interested in and that make a difference to people and the natural environment; the Financial Times lists us as a top Management Consultancy (2020).