Cyber Services

Helping organisations navigate the complexities of the Cyber and Information Security landscape:

  • CBG Analyse – review and understand your organisation’s cyber security posture and plan improvements
  • CBG Action – effectively and efficiently manage information and cyber risks
  • CBG Develop – training, awareness, and testing services to keep you in control



Cyber Business Growth is a specialist cyber consultancy practice consolidating the skills of trusted, accomplished and influential industry experts to help enterprises, vendors, channel partners and investment companies navigate the complex world of cyber security.
The philosophy of CBG is to impart our cyber experience, knowledge, operational know-how and access to the market to those that need it. Our range of services has evolved to ensure we can successfully provide comprehensive expertise in the ever-changing marketplace by understanding and solving complex business and security challenges through advisory, cyber, and business-focused consultancy services.
Our unparalleled experience with both emerging and established Cyber Security vendors across the globe and our access to cyber experts, provides a full 360-degree view around Cyber Security, alongside our specialist service capabilities.