COMSOL Server™

Software for Distributing, Managing and Running Applications Built with COMSOL Multiphysics®

The COMSOL Server™ product helps you spread the benefits of simulation throughout your organisation. As the platform for deploying and running applications built by your in-house simulation experts, COMSOL Server™ enables you to streamline the R&D workflow, efficiently share knowledge and analyses across departments, and rapidly respond to customers' needs.

The web interface for COMSOL Server™ comes with administrative tools that enable your organisation to manage access to the applications you have uploaded, user accounts, user groups and multiprocessor utilisation. Administrator-verified end users can upload, access and run applications housed in the Application Library of COMSOL Server™ through web browsers or a desktop-installed client.

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COMSOL is a global provider of simulation software for product design and research to technical enterprises, research labs and universities.