Corporate Valuation Models in Excel

This course will give you a no-nonsense insight into the financial health of any company. It will also provide the financial modelling know-how to help you build your skills as an Analyst. Last, but not least, the skills learnt on this course will equip you to negotiate any corporate finance transaction from a position of strength.

On this course you will..

  • Learn the motivations for preparing a Corporate Valuation (the course discusses all motivations but will focus on business planning)
  • Understand the different techniques Analysts use to assess value from a completed model
  • Discuss the relevance and importance of the three statements in a Corporate Valuation
  • Set up the structure for a Corporate Valuation Model in Excel
  • Build in the Corporate Valuation formula for each of the three statements line by line
  • Determine the value of the company
  • Trace and Analyse the model for sources of opportunity and risk
  • Review your model in the context of current corporate finance activity

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