Co-Working Spaces

The change towards flexible and on-demand workforce is supporting the rise of Real Estate as a Service. Serviced offices or co-working spaces are changing the way real estate is supplied. Those individuals who know how to model the peculiarities of co-working spaces are gaining a valuable insight into the office asset class. Invest in your future with this one-day course by learning how to model a serviced office or co-working space to make better investment decisions.

On this course you will…

  • Revise financial modelling structures and techniques
  • Learn the covenants prevalent in different countries throughout Europe
  • Devise solutions and techniques to project flexible rent functions
  • Apply and analyse debt structures
  • Analyse using sensitivity and scenario analysis

Bayfield Training is a prominent global supplier of investment grade Real Estate executive education. Having begun as pioneers in the field of Real Estate Financial Modelling, today Bayfield has a huge extended network of experts, specialists and professionals within this sector. This enables the company to provide a wide range of education for businesses and employees within the field of International Real Estate.