Hotel Investment

Learn how to adapt your modelling skills to meet the requirements of a hotel asset. From the modelling of the hotel operation to capital structure of the acquisition (debt and equity), this course will show you how to independently assess the performance of a hotel acquisition project. This course will give you the fundamental knowledge, skills, and practice to be able to make business decisions related to hotel investments.

Global hotel transaction volumes continue to increase, given hotel’s relatively attractive yield profile. Those individuals who know how to model the peculiarities of this asset class are gaining a valuable competitive edge. Invest in your future with this one-day course by learning how to model a hotel asset to make better investment decisions.

On this course you will…

  • Review the economics and structure of hotel market
  • Analyse the main growth drivers, business models and organizational forms of the international hospitality industry
  • Model the financial impact of the main operational contract types
  • Learn the key performance indicators of a hotel operation
  • Effectively interpret financial information of a hotel (incl. USALI)
  • Examine the different methods of hotel valuation
  • Make better hotel acquisition decisions

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