Visualisation Techniques for Real Estate Models

Learn how to visualise your real estate investment model in Excel. Visualisations help your proposal stand out, but they can also help you find insights otherwise obscured by sheets of data. This unique course will show you how to effectively communicate Real Estate return metrics with the appropriate images, visual quantities, charts and graphics. You will also learn how to audit yours and others’ cash flow models using visual analytical techniques, all of which can be achieved to a sophisticated degree within Excel.  From dynamic dashboards to advanced manipulation of lease data, this course will help delegates create powerful yet meaningful charts for their investment presentations.

On this course you will

  • Understand the power and limits of visualisations
  • Learn which visualisations are appropriate to which situations
  • Learn advanced charting tools and work arounds to build the visualisations you need
  • Build dynamic dashboards to help you explore your data
  • Learn techniques to visually interrogate your cash flows for actionable insights
  • Create ‘board ready’ presentations from your financial model
  • Use maps, images and infographics to tell a story

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