Commercial Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development is complex in its formation and delivery. The interrelationship and sophistication of the property development industry requires a deeper understanding of public policy, physical planning, municipal regulation, market research, the legal framework, site appraisal, economic evaluation, financial arrangements, contractual procedures, building design, construction techniques and marketing.

This course will ask the questions as to when, what and how development is initiated by use of case studies, development models, interactive play and discussion.

Over the two days the programme will take you through the journey from site selection through to completion.

On this course you will:

  • Gain an insight into the Development Process at a Macro & Micro level
  • Learn where development sits within the Real Estate Market
  • Learn what constitutes Development physically and economically
  • Understand the various agencies involved in the Development Process
  • Learn the different characteristics of Real Estate Sectors
  • Learn an insight into the principles of design for different types of project.
  • Learn How to look and access opportunities.
  • Learn how to put together a feasibility study and prepare a financial plan
  • Benchmark returns and understand the risks throughout the life of the project
  • Learn how to mitigate risks.
  • An understanding of the team dynamics, their inputs and agenda’s
  • Learn research techniques that support each stage in the development process
  • Negotiate with your peers to problem solve a project crisis

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