Consultancy for growth

This business is all about growth: I support companies by determining strategy, developing new business, and communicating their message to market.

It’s what I’ve always done, and now I work with high-tech start-ups, investors, and corporations, or with universities and government agencies to deliver a range of services:

  • Strategic planning:
    • Developing a long-term vision and a plan to achieve the ambition
  • Business development:
    • Analysis of the company capabilities, markets and business models
    • Developing a plan for growth and engaging new markets and customers
    • Establishing strategic partnerships and channels to market
  • Marketing communications:
    • Developing the company message, taking it to market
    • Public relations and media engagement
    • Creating collateral, and planning and executing exhibitions
  • Mergers & acquisitions:
    • Research and profiling target acquisitions for corporate acquisition
    • Triage of prospects and direct target engagement

Visit the website for more information and read The Silicon Eye blog for case studies and insights.

Richard Ord Consulting Ltd is based near Cambridge, trading as "The Silicon Eye", and providing consultancy for early-stage companies as they commercialise their technology. Richard specialises in strategy, business development and marketing in the semiconductor, renewable energy and power industries.