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Cambridge companies work together to attract and retain talented employees

We are going from strength to strength in our aim of attracting talented candidates to Cambridge and to our member companies.  We continually develop our offering in collaboration with our members to ensure that we are promoting Cambridge as the region of choice for jobseekers from around the world.

We believe we've now helped our smaller company members make over 100 appointments - and up to twice as many for those members signed up to our enhanced services. We are enabling at least one successful appointment every week, meaning our members are seeing good candidates and saving £1000s in recruitment costs.

We promote roles extensively using for example jobs boards and social media, attending jobs fairs and advertising, and have built a large and growing database of high quality candidates, the majority from outside the region who didn't know about Cambridge before.

For employers our web-based tool enables companies to advertise vacancies and manage applications seamlessly from their own website back offices. To find and attract the best quality candidates, the Recruitment Gateway team actively promote Cambridge, nationally and internationally, as a destination of choice for potential employees.

The portal is aimed at new graduates, interns and administrative staff, as well as seasoned professionals. It is intended to improve the flow of quality candidates to the region’s recruiters.

Costs are covered by making a small sign-up charge for businesses and by charging appointment fees when vacancies are filled. Details of Recruitment Gateway fees and also the membership structure are available here.

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