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Cambridge is a thriving high technology cluster with everything from start ups to multi nationals. Come to Cambridge and you'll be surrounded by like minded people and entrepreneurial attitude. But don't just take our word for it, meet some current graduates living and working in the city.

Welcome to Cambridge – The place to be for innovation, technology and development 

“A buzzing technology sector, plenty of likeminded people and entrepreneurial attitude. I like everything the Cambridge brand stands for, the contribution it makes to UK plc and the connections to Cambridge University.”  Andrew Nowell, Technology Developer, Sentec

“I love having the creative freedom to experiment all day”  Geoffray Lacourba, MSc Computer Engineering, Design Engineer, ARM

“I love working at Red Gate because I get to hang out with endlessly knowledgeable and insanely creative people who encourage me to experiment with new approaches to marketing our tools. If something doesn’t work, we just work out what we’ve learned and try something new!"  Andrew Denty, Product Marketing Specialist, Redgate Software

“As an engineering graduate I looked to Cambridge first as it is the hub of technology and large and small companies are really making a difference globally.” James Watson, Cambridge Design Partnership

“Since joining the Mobile Multimedia team a year ago, I’ve had numerous opportunities opened to me – working in exciting new fields, trialing new software and travelling to places I’d always wanted to visit.  Broadcom provides graduates with a challenging environment where you’re free to interact with cutting-edge products, but with a safety net of a close knit team who are at the top of their field.  I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my career."  Thomas Dewey – Engineer, Staff I – Software Development Broadcom

“Cambridge is the only place in the UK with such a concentration of technical and innovation companies, like Sentec.” Ed Willson, Technology Developer

"ideaSpace, a part of the University of Cambridge, is an early stage venture hub. Home to over 75 ventures and 110 members, ideaSpace provides a starting point for many new ideas and innovators as they start the journey to making an impact on the world around them."  Stew McTavish, ideaSpace

“The CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing has been brilliant for my career and future opportunities. As well as making me a more capable and confident marketer, it has served to demonstrate my value at work; even by the half-way point in the diploma! The diploma has given me expectations of my next role that would not be justified without it.”  Zoe Neville-Smith, Studying with Cambridge Marketing College

"Why did I choose Cambridge and TTP, simple.  The Cambridge area has the highest density of cutting-edge technical companies in the country, where many of my college classmates were also going to be working!"  Peter Wilkinson, Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, TTP

“I’ve learnt a lot about the systems within Android smartphones, and gained a lot of confidence with using and customising them. As a RealVNC intern you aren’t just sitting around watching someone work, you are treated like a new co-worker and given valuable and involving projects to work on from the offset.”  Mobile Intern 2012, RealVNC

 “My work within the testing team was so diverse and cross platform, it’s hard to say which bit I enjoyed most. If I had to choose, I’d probably pick automation- mainly because I had full responsibility for it!”  Test Intern 2012, RealVNC

“I’m part of something that’s part of nearly every mobile phone on earth”  Suma Umesh, B.Tech Electronics and Communication, Design Engineer, Memory IP, ARM

“Broadcom was my first job out of the university.  I was given very interesting work to do straight away – at the time there was just a small team in Cambridge working on developing a new 3D graphics core, and I helped out first with designing verification tests and then later writing driver software.  While I’ve stayed focused on the 3D driver, the work never stays the same and I’ve learned a great deal.  Everyone in the Cambridge office is friendly and strongly committed to their work – it’s great to be around people who really want to be there.  After 6 years I’m still here!”  Giles Edkins – Principal Engineer Broadcom

“Since I’ve been at Sentec, the company has also given me a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills, both in technical work and in sales, managerial and client-facing aspects.  Working with such a diverse group of physicists, software, mechanical and electrical engineers means that there is always a friendly expert to learn from, or to help out on a technical challenge!”  Dr Alice Burrell, Technology Developer Sentec

"I applied to be a technical author because I love making sense of how things work and I really care about communication. I can safely say I’ve never looked back. As part of a development team, I work with a great team of people to create software that is designed with users in mind. It’s both challenging and fascinating, and I learn something new every day."  Marianne Crowder, Technical Author Redgate Software

“Sagentia provides a workplace in which engineers and scientists can rapidly strengthen their skills through a comprehensive training programme. At Sagentia it’s possible to make a name for yourself in any specific area of expertise you may wish to focus on, while learning from others at the forefront of their own field of work.  The working environment is highly productive with an atmosphere that allows engineers and scientists with a wide variety of skill sets to cooperate freely, coupled with friendly support teams who help to ensure swift progress of project work.  I really enjoy my work here!”  Chris, Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Sagentia

“The status of Cambridge as one of the world’s leading centres of academic excellence feeds into the business sector. SunGard provides opportunities to work with some of the brightest people in the country to deliver the next generation of innovative financial software.  Cambridge is also a great place to live, with the advantages of a city but a quieter feel, and yet within an hour’s train journey of London”  Adam Swetnam, Graduate Software Developer, SunGard Financial Systems

Clare Balding's Cambridge: "I lived there for three years when I was at university (at Newnham College). The city’s got it all, but at the same time isn’t too big, plus it has such a lovely feel to it," says the broadcaster Clare Balding in The Telegraph - 2 November 2012

The place to be for lifestyle

"I have found Cambridge to be a great place to meet new people, from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. It's one of those 'unique' cities in the world that brings together highly skilled student and professionals alike, and provides opportunities for both. Cambridge has allowed me to have an excellent standard of living, both in terms of quality and price, and is easily accessible on my trusty old bike!"  Roozbeh, SW Test Developer, Velocix Ltd.

“Being able to develop cutting edge financial software without having to experience a stressful commute (such as London’s rush hour) is what drew me to SunGard Adaptiv in Cambridge. The area boasts a large number of companies with high technical expertise whilst simultaneously being a quiet and relaxing place of residence”  Yingke Shan, Graduate Software Developer, SunGard Financial Systems

"When I started looking for a role after graduation, I considered lots of different locations, and interviewed all over the UK. Having now settled in, and started my new job, I am so pleased that I chose Cambridge! I knew about the University and the local technology hub, dubbed 'silicon fen'. But what I didn't realise was how modern and 'funky' the city is and how much is going on. Definitely the place to be!"  Robert, SW Engineer, Velocix Ltd.

"Location was important to me so TTP and the local Cambridge area offered a number of things I was looking for. The commute was taken care of with loads of nice cycle routes and great train links. In comparison to London the cost of living is lower and being away from all the hustle and bustle is relaxing."  Harry Bullivant, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, TTP

“Cambridge is a very picturesque city.  I feel it has all the amenities you’d expect to find in a large city, only in a much smaller space where everything is easily accessible and only a short walk or cycle away. It also has great access to London and plenty of surrounding countryside for days out.”  Chris Rowe, Cambridge Design Partnership

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