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Senior/Principal Electronics Engineer

We’re looking for an accomplished Senior or Principal Electronics Engineer who is ready to take the next step and start owning the electronics solution on medium to large projects and lead a team of electronics engineers from the front. You’ll need a strong foundation in the fundamentals of electronics and a track record of successfully delivering challenging PCB designs.

Role Description

Cambridge Consultants works on a wide range of product and system developments for a broad range of clients. We’re looking for someone to join the Electronic Design group within our ICE (Industrial, Consumer and Energy) division.

Projects we are currently working on that the successful candidate could have been the Electronics Lead for (if they already had the job) include:

  • Development of a high power DC:DC power supply for an automotive application
  • Taking a cutting edge optical measurement device from lab test rig to works like, looks like prototype
  • Volume manufacturable electronics for a drug delivery auto injector device (Yes – our group also works on Medical projects as well!)
  • Converting a “lashed up” edge computing prototype and converting it into a volume manufacturable design pack

The Electronic Design group is led by Gary Ewer who started at Cambridge Consultants 14 years ago. Gary has travelled the route from being a graduate electronic engineer to technical authority on very large projects (he is currently leading a multi million pound drug delivery device development project) and is keen to support his group members along a path to a senior role in the company (which could be technical, project management, project sales etc). Therefore if you are excited about the opportunity to take the next step, then this could be the ideal role for you.

Specific Responsibilities

We will ease you into Cambridge Consultants (CC) gently, so we won’t be putting you in charge of a big project on your first day in the office! You’ll start off by creating a solid reputation for yourself as a reliable, safe pair of hands for day to day electronic design work. That will mean working on some projects so you can get to know project managers and other engineers around the company.

Our projects include involvement in some or all stages of the project life cycle:

  • Brain storming how to solve the client’s problem
  • Creating a proof of principle
  • Working with the client to produce the specification
  • Defining the system architecture
  • Designing the electronics (component selection, schematic capture, PCB design etc)
  • Testing and debugging the electronics (hands on in the lab)
  • Documenting the design
  • Transferring the design to manufacture

Remember that every project we do is different – we are always innovating rather than iterating, so each new project will be a brand new challenge. You could be working on an Industrial Robot on one project, then a medical device on the next.

As you establish a great reputation we’ll be able to give you more and more responsibility with the aim of getting you into the position of electrical lead on a decent sized project. We can work out your path from there based on where you want to go next. Whether that be following Gary into a senior technical leadership role, or heading off towards a project management, group leadership or sales position, is entirely up to you.

Minimum Requirements

Essential -

  • Strong academic background with an electronics related degree
  • Detailed understanding of the fundamentals of electronics (any or all of analogue, low power, low noise, high speed, power, RF etc) and a proven track record in designing and debugging challenging PCBs
  • Great communications skills – to both fellow team members and clients
  • Appreciation for the basics of other branches of engineering (e.g. mechanical, software, manufacturing, fluidics, optics etc)
  • Genuine passion for engineering

Desirable -

  • Software development skills (C, C++, Python etc)
  • Volume manufacturing experience
  • System specification and architecture
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