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Principal Human Factors Engineer

Are you passionate about applying your human factors engineering skills and experience to develop innovative medical products that enhance the lives of people?

Do you enjoy working with highly skilled engineers, designers and scientists in a dynamic environment to design and develop a wide range of medical products?

That is what we do at Cambridge Consultants.

We are looking for a bright, experienced and enthusiastic human factors engineer at a senior level to join our internationally recognised and fast growing Human Factors Engineering team in the UK.

Type of work undertaken by us

Our Human Factors Engineering team is based within the Global Medical Technology Division at Cambridge Consultants in the UK. The Division undertakes the development of innovative medical products from understanding user and stakeholder needs through to concept generation, design, development, verification and validation. We undertake projects in four principal focus areas:

  • Drug delivery devices
  • Diagnostic devices and systems
  • Surgical products and systems
  • Connected health systems

The products that we develop range from next generation injection devices and novel point-of-care diagnostic devices to revolutionizing surgical tools and connected healthcare devices. There are also opportunities to work across other divisions, e.g. in consumer and wireless technology product space.

We combine highly creative lateral thinking with excellent technical skills and broad industry experience to form powerful development teams. Our work ranges from complete product developments to providing consulting services for our clients on their technology, strategy or development processes.

Human Factors Engineering is an important and integral part of our medical product development process.

Roles and responsibilities

  • You will lead the human factors aspects of medical product development projects. This will require working collaboratively with our multidisciplinary team, clients as well as collaborators to plan and execute the human factors programme of work.
  • You will work closely with engineers, designers and scientists to uncover user and stakeholder needs and convert them into design solutions. This will include leading front-end research and participation in concept generation activities and providing continuous human factors guidance to the project and team.
  • You will design and run various types of human factors studies such as formative and validation studies in the UK and abroad.
  • You will manage small to medium sized human factors projects, overseeing teams of human factors engineers and ensuring that the project is delivered to clients’ satisfaction and within the timescale and budget.
  • You will work collaboratively with business development team and other senior members of the company to support sales activities. This may include identifying opportunities, participating in prospective client meetings, preparing sales materials and writing up proposals.


Human factors skills

  • Sound knowledge of the human factors requirements for medical and combination products for regulatory submissions
  • Good understanding of the medical product development process and how human factors fits within the process
  • Good knowledge, skills and experience of understanding and capturing users and stakeholders needs and aspirations, and translating them into product requirements specification. This includes conducting contextual enquiries, workshops and focus groups.
  • Good skills and experience of use-related risk management, including hazard identification and uFMEA
  • Good knowledge, skills and experience of conducting preliminary analyses such as Task Analysis, Heuristic Analysis, Expert Reviews
  • Good experience of designing and conducting various types of formative and validation studies, including conducting one-to-one interviews with end users
  • Good experience of writing study protocols and reports to high technical standards
  • Good experience of writing Human Factors Engineering (HFE) / Usability Engineering (UE) reports

In addition, the following experience would be preferable:

  • Experience of designing and evaluating instructional materials, e.g. IFU and training video
  • Experience of digital UI design and evaluation
  • Experience of providing human factors services for connected medical products
  • Understanding of regulatory pathway and framework for different types of medical products

Consultancy skills

  • Significant experience working in a medical consulting environment or for a pharmaceutical or medical device development company
  • Experience of managing projects, overseeing teams of 2-5 people, delivering results to clients’ satisfaction within the budget and timeline
  • Ability to work effectively on varied medical products, across a range of different clients, both as part of a multidisciplinary team and independently
  • Strong communication skills – an ability to prepare and effectively present high quality technical documentation, business correspondence and presentations
  • Ability to travel both domestically and internationally


A bachelor’s degree preferably in Human Factors Engineering, Usability Engineering, Ergonomics, Psychology or Engineering. Any other bachelor’s degree with relevant experience will also be acceptable.

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