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Machine Learning Engineer (all levels)

Cambridge Consultants are looking for high calibre candidates that can add new dimensions to our Machine Learning team. You’ll be working with the latest techniques in Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and more, to build unique products in a wide breadth of markets.

Role Description

You’ll be developing advanced Machine Learning systems for a variety of different problem spaces. All projects will be team based and candidates must be adaptable and collaborative. Those with the greater industrial experience should also expect to lead project teams, mentor junior engineers, attend industry events and support the development of new business opportunities in a technical capacity.


Your tasks will include:

  • Research and software development for the design, implementation, training, verification and deployment of Machine Learning systems
  • Improving processes to execute projects with greater efficiency
  • Technical input to proposals for the generation of new opportunities

The extent to which you will be responsible for leading the above tasks will depend on your experience and the expectations within the level at which you are hired. At all levels you will have access to training and support appropriate to you needs so that you can sustain your professional development and maintain effectiveness in your role.

Minimum requirements

All applicants must have:

  • An excellent degree in a relevant subject, such as computer science or engineering
  • Solid programming skills in Python, C or C++
  • Demonstrable knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms and their implementation
  • Experience of working with deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlowTM or PyTorch
  • A passion for technology, innovation and real world applications

Applicants will also benefit from:

  • A sound appreciation of the key challenges in developing Machine Learning products
  • Experience of successfully leading project teams
  • Experience of accelerating simulations using GPUs
  • Experience of audio and video processing

Note: More senior applicants must be able to demonstrate at least one of the above.

Why Cambridge Consultants?

Our projects are unique, challenging and varied, uniting the ambitions of our clients with the energy, creativity and the passion of our engineers. Projects involve everything from first principles thinking to the development and deployment of live systems. Projects range from modest studies to large multi-disciplinary systems involving 50+ engineers. The group engages with a broad range of industries where the underlying premise is developing bespoke systems that cannot be bought off the shelf.

Cambridge Consultants is committed to investing in cutting edge Machine Learning facilities which include GPU training cluster (including Nvidia DGX-1 supercomputers), high performance mobile computing, live demonstration platforms etc. We give our engineers access to the best tools available to enable them to deliver on the most challenging projects.

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