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Senior DSP Consultant – Wireless systems

We have a rare opportunity for recognised trailblazers in wireless product development and one that’s perfect for those who crave variety and have a creative mind. Our Senior DSP Consultant will drive a technicolour range of projects that test ingenuity and skill. Applicants will have a passion for technology and a thirst to take on the toughest challenges as we continue on our mission to develop breakthrough technologies. In return, we’ll turbocharge your career, immersing you in a unique range of projects.

Our Senior DSP Consultant will be a noted technologist, trusted to drive forward new capabilities and to lead high-performing teams. You will:

  • Be immersed in an extensive range of technologies and applications
  • Be responsible for driving your own project teams
  • Be presented with engineering challenges impossible to find elsewhere

As a consultant, our clients will look to you for sound judgement and advice in the products they are seeking to develop. You will also; support the development of new business as a technical leader in the field; design software and signal processing following product requirements and ultimately; lead an engineering team to final delivery.

Type of work

Our clients come to us in order to achieve “the impossible”. Today we’re engaged in projects as diverse as developing the world’s largest commercial satellite network, visionary work to develop ultra-low-cost Internet of Things devices, and smart home technology designed to transform our understanding of home energy. Computer vision and Machine Learning are also strongly emerging and any experience in these areas will be favourably viewed.


On a daily basis you will be:

  • Architecting and implementing software for high performance hardware
  • Contributing to the system design of products that span multiple domains
  • Assisting in designing and modelling algorithms using Matlab
  • Working with relevant standards (3GPP, IEEE etc.)
  • Contributing to IP development to expand and promote group capabilities
  • Providing leadership to engineering teams

Minimum Requirements

Candidates must be able to prove:

  • Significant industrial experience of wireless systems engineering
  • Proven and recent software engineering skills for embedded hardware
  • A solid grasp of signal processing for wireless applications
  • Recent evidence of leading technical teams
  • Lateral thinking and vision
  • A strong desire to learn and investigate new technologies

Additional experience of the following will be positively considered:

  • Linux programming, scripting or administration
  • Programming in Assembly Language
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
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