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Internship: Open-Source Software Development

We are pleased to be able to offer two paid internship positions in 2019 (one in Cambridge, UK and one in Montreal, QC Canada), which will let you to work alongside experienced open source software developers solving real world problems.

This role presents an exciting challenge for a young software developer who is interested in working with worldwide coverage at a software consultancy on innovative services around open source methodologies.

Since this is a short-term internship, we will only accept applications from those who are already legally authorized to reside and work in Canada (for the Montreal office) or in the UK (for the Cambridge office).

Project Examples:

- Contribute to Wayland/Weston open-source upstream project: submitting patches upstream properly formatted and following upstream guidelines

- Creation of an open source software stack for In Vehicle Infotainment for a major car manufacturer

- Develop a GStreamer-based proof-of-concept for ST-2110 uncompressed video over RTP/Ethernet


What's in it for you?

- Proven track record of experience in a leading Open Source software consultancy

- Familiarity with one or more of Collabora's market verticals

- Regular one to ones with your assigned experienced mentor, who will help giving you feedback and ensuring your professional development on a daily basis

- Ability to work on a one off project to complement your CV, or as part of a larger project delivering solutions to real world customers


Desired Profile:

- Solid understanding and interest in programming

- A passion for Open Source software

- Good analytical skills and a creative approach to solving problems

- A desire to learn and improve

- Ability to work in a fully globally distributed team environment


Desired technical skills:

- Knowledge and proficiency of C and/or C++

- Familiarity of Git

- Evidence of Open Source project interactions/contributions is a big plus

- Ability to quickly understand existing code is beneficial.

- Knowledge of other languages, such as shell, Perl, Python, etc.

- Knowledge of HW platforms such as Raspberry PI, BeagleBooard, etc. is a big plus

- Linux distribution maintenance

- Linux Kernel, device drivers

- gcc, clang, toolchains

- Jenkins, Lava, OBS

- Webkit, Blink, Chromium

- GStreamer, ffmpeg

- OpenGL (ES), EGL, DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) /KMS (Kernel ModeSetting), - Wayland, X11, DRI2, Mesa

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