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Electronics Student Placement

This supporting role requires logical thinking to analyse and solve problems using a variety of approaches, from theoretical modelling and simulation, to hands on prototyping and testing. You will have involvement in the creation of detailed and innovative electronic designs, whilst also representing the business through interactions with clients and suppliers.

eg technology is a product development consultancy that has grown steadily since being founded in 2002. 

We are successful because we form deep relationships with our clients, understanding their needs and the ways in which we can best help them to transform ideas into successful products. eg don’t just come up with good ideas – we deliver real products based on innovation. We develop products across a wide range of technology sectors with the common goal of making a real impact on people’s lives. 

At eg technology, it’s all about working together as a team; we share our ideas, expertise and knowledge to ensure that everyone can contribute to a project, whilst also feeling supported in a relaxed and enjoyable working environment. 

We are offering a one-year, paid internship placement to students as the ‘year in industry’ part of their degree course. We ensure our interns are given the high level of support, mentoring, direction and feedback that they need to advance their skills and broaden their knowledge.

Our interns work on interesting and challenging projects across different teams and disciplines to ensure a full and in-depth experience, helping them to secure future employment.

CVs will be accepted up until 1st February 2019 for a summer start.


As part of the electronics design team you will undertake electronic hardware development, detailed design, schematic entry, PCB layout, prototyping and transfer to manufacture tasks as required for individual projects. 

You will learn how to execute electronic design tasks in accordance with industry standards and how to work within an ISO 13485 quality management system.

Ideal candidate requirements:

A logical thinker to meet electronic requirements on projects, and deliver considered & appropriate designs, designs models and prototypes whilst demonstrating: 

  1. An analytical, theoretical and detailed approach to creating innovative, practical solutions to challenging problems and functional requirements, whilst maintaining an open attitude to working in a peer review culture.
  2. An interest in electronics concept development; detailed design and design for manufacture for: medical and diagnostic devices; consumer products; biotechnology, laboratory, and test equipment.
  3. Knowledge of Analogue and Digital Electronics at component level, including input signal conditioning and conversion, power supplies, communication bus interfaces, output drivers, peripheral interfacing and user interfaces.
  4. Some knowledge of appropriate software tools such as Electronic Design Automation (EDA) and PCB layout tools, along with other common office software packages.
  5. Hands on skills for soldering and building of prototypes with Surface Mount Device (SMD) and Plated Through Hole (PTH) components.
  6. Some knowledge of setting up and use of electronic test equipment.
  7. Presentation and communication skills showcasing the ability to communicate ideas and concepts through demonstration and personal interaction.
  8. A desire to develop existing or learn new skills, such as FPGA design, microcontroller firmware development, desktop software development and design for EMC/ESD regulatory requirements.

Please email a covering letter explaining why you would like to work for eg technology, together with your CV by 1st February 2019.


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