Schlumberger Cambridge Research Center

The Schlumberger Cambridge Research Center (SCR) on the western outskirts of Cambridge, England, is a distinctive marquee-like structure housing multidisciplinary research teams of more than 100 scientists and technicians.

Schlumberger Cambridge Research is a distinctive marquee-like structure dominating the High Cross site on the western outskirts of Cambridge, England. This spectacular building was completed in 1985 and the smaller second phase was opened in 1992. Altogether, there are more than 930 m2; of laboratory space and offices for more than 100 scientists, technicians and domain experts.

SCR hosts the Nerve Centre of the Well Construction Platform, as well as two smaller cross-Platform science activities, one for Production and one for Exploration & Field Development. 

The Well Construction Platform team is tasked to create the most efficient workflows to deliver integrated technology solutions, including fully automated drilling systems, whilst continuing to provide the market with the best individual technologies.

At the Well Construction Nerve Centre, a multidisciplinary ecosystem enables an agile approach to exploring solutions from different idea sources in close collaboration with technology partners and customers. Embedded in the Nerve Centre is a Platform focus and business intelligence, facilitating innovative ideas to address specific challenges—and make an augmented impact for our business, our customers, and our industry as a whole.

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