Employment during coronavirus: Cambridge Network adapts

The Recruitment Gateway team at Cambridge Network has had to adapt, like everyone right now, quickly and under fast-changing circumstances.

Claire's hand and mug with laptop inthe background

Claire Angus, head of Cambridge Network's Recruitment Gateway, writes:

We have had to think about the content that we are adding to our job pages and communications, making sure that we are supporting everyone in our network as best we can.

Taking a different approach raised some questions initially...

  • What would be helpful for our recruiters and jobseekers right now? 

  • Would it be insensitive to keep sending out our jobsletter, with so many redundancies at the moment and roles being pulled?

  • How can we reach out to companies that are still looking to hire key members of staff and help them to do this?

  • How do we stay connected to our candidates and recruiters, when hiring seems to be the last thing on everyone's minds?

We paused, took a breath and after getting to grips with our own day to day work changes, we began to see what we could do.

We saw, as expected, a huge demand for roles in specific sectors, many supply chain vacancies and of course roles in the NHS and care sector. Our additional jobs page began to take shape; we began to post links to these jobs both locally and nationally so that they are all in one place for candidates. (We are adding to this daily as we become aware of new roles) :find the page here - Employment during Coronavirus

Using our relationships with local recruitment experts, on the same page we have been able to add some useful links to recruiters offering career advice and CV tips too.

What's next?

Webinars to help both candidates and employers and an online jobs fair!  These will definitely happen when some of the more technically challenged members of the recruitment team (namely me) get their heads around Zoom that is!  Watch this site for details...