What to wear for a webinar

By Simon HallCoronavirus has thrown many challenges at us.   A tiny, but nonetheless knotty one, for me at least, has been what to wear when hosting a webinar. 

In the old world, it was easy. 

A lecture theatre, or seminar room, demanded shirt and jacket, decent jeans and shoes. But now...

How to feel relaxed, given you're at home, but also smart enough to reassure your audience that you're taking the session seriously?

And, on top of that, there's the psychology of your wardrobe. 

Feeling good in yourself, professional and ready, up for the job...

But also with enough ease to leave leeway for that all important ad libbing and humour, which makes the session human and enjoyable. 

And, with the weather warming, there's the need to feel comfortable as well. 

**** It's trumpet fanfare time ****

I'm pleased to say I have good news. I've finally cracked it. 

This week, I did my biggest webinar to date - on Crisis Communications Recovery, for the government's Department for International Trade.

We had hundreds of people on the line, it was a big event, and I wanted to get the wear right so I could perform at my best.

Ok, I can hear you yelling. Cut to the chase and show us. 

Right, here it comes - 

I call it the half and half look...

Top half pure pro, bottom half downright dude. 

Maybe not a fashion triumph (like when have I ever managed that?!) but it did the job. 

I felt relaxed but professional, the webinar went very well...

And now I expect everyone to be sporting this style.