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At Flynet we have been building technical solutions for our customers since 1995. With our first product, Flynet Viewer, we were pioneers in the mainframe industry, fusing web technologies with established business systems running on mainframes and legacy applications.

We started to include dashboards in our portfolio when many of our customers wanted to see data visualisation connected to their mainframes. Connecting these dashboards required complicated web services, so we also developed a unique tool to enable our customers to achieve this with minimum outlay.

Our web service generation tool created so much interest in the dashboard market that it led to us forging a longstanding partnership with leading dashboard player SAP/Business Objects. Using our tool customers can now create stunning live dashboards with a fraction of the time, resource and cost that was required in the past. We realised that reducing the dependence on technical resource was a huge benefit to our customers’ businesses and so have continued to try and develop our products to empower less technical users.

Products and services

service, training & support
We help all our customers and partners to get the most from our products and services by offering a comprehensive and flexible range of training programs, service and support.We strive to deliver the highest possible levels of customer service:
 Customised training programs delivered both on-site and at our well-equipped facilities close to Cambridge
 Telephone and web-based support services covering all technical and customer service issues
 Comprehensive software maintenance contracts
 Unique Dynamic Site Licences for distributed software products, enabling organisations to easily cater for fluctuating numbers of users
Cross-platfrom connectivity
Our expertise in cross-platform connectivity enables us to provide tools to seamlessly exchange information between a wide range of host platforms including IBM mainframe and mid-range systems, UNIX, DEC VMS and NT.We offer standard terminal emulation, PC-to-host and web-to-host packages from all leading manufacturers. Our in-depth technical advice ensures that you select the right tools for all your connectivity requirements.
secure on-line transaction processing
We supply and integrate Emprise's unique SelfServe real-time transaction handling system - the only web-based payment system which actually allocates card-holders' funds to the merchant at the time of transaction, thus eliminating the risk of charge-backs due to funds no longer being available at the time of shipment.
e-business and legacy system integration
Rapidly emerging internet, e-business and web technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for business growth.With these comes the challenge of linking, integrating and interfacing with legacy systems to make the most effective use of existing data. Our connectivity solutions built on Open Systems standards facilitate the same seamless exchange of information between current platforms and e-business applications.
e-business application development tools
The number of packaged tools available for development of integrated web-based business applications is growing rapidly. We distribute the leading development tools and provide specialist advice on the most appropriate package(s) for any specific application.
conversion and transition solutions
Our comprehensive compliance and conversion solutions complement our connectivity and integration products by ensuring that all business processes run smoothly throughout the transition to new platforms and applications.For any single system or application we can provide:
 Management of cross-platform application transition
 Code analysis, rectification and re-engineering
 Independent verification, quality assurance and due diligence documentation
 Packaged inspection and remediation tools

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