Experienced executive with strong commercial acumen and proven track record on delivering big projects for biotechs & pharma. Digital transformation champion to evolve and future-proof business models. Driving artificial intelligence / machine learning, and creating value from data. Orchestrating systems (including cloud migrations and adoptions), introducing value engineering for scale up.

Executing on complicated M&A integrations, introducing and adapting superior workflows to automate to a highest level. Generating insights and turning big data into smart data.
Knowledge management professional in the life science industry, with a focus on electronic resource planning (ERP), laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and electronic lab notebooks (ELN). Leader of high-performance global scientific & information technology teams. Keen interest for utilising AI, machine learning, expert systems and business intelligence methodologies within biotech / genomics / mhealth / clinical field. Good range of experience in automatic building, creation and visualisation of intelligence networks, knowledge maps, ontologies and taxonomies. Particularly interested in knowledge modelling, knowledge capture and semantic web technologies, and any innovative techniques to utilise big data and transform into smart data & insights. Always interested in challenging system integration projects and knowledge-driven business development opportunities. Good expertise in proteomics, genomics and personalised medicine as well as clinical development.

Specialties: Artificial Intelligence, Information Systems, Knowledge management, Leadership, Management, Business Development, Scientific strategies, Consultancy, Business Intelligence, mHealth, Ontologies, Taxonomies, Text Mining, Data Mining, Workflow technologies, Automation, Chem & Bioinformatics, Molecular modelling, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Systems Biology, Java, Application & Systems Integration, Databases

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