ideaSpace - Business Basics with Steve Brierley of Riverlane

Whether you’re thinking of starting a business, aspiring to be an entrepreneur or you have already begun the journey, this event provides an opportunity to hear from a successful entrepreneur and three professionals who have been integral to the development of their venture. Steve Brierley introduces three service providers who he counts as critical to his early start-up journey and the growth of Riverlane.


The Business Basics series showcases ideaSpace founders and the professional service providers that have been a crucial help to them along the way. They will discuss how to approach typical startup challenges, what they think is important for early stage entrepreneurs to know and what can make the difference between good and excellent.

We are thrilled to have Steve Brierley, CEO & Founder of Riverlaneto co-host this event with us. Steve will introduce:

Chris Keen from Taylor Vinters - covering the many legal challenges to be faced when starting up your business.

Martin Hickman from Max Accountants - looking at the crucial elements of getting the right accounting infrastructure from the word go.

Michael Linehan from Potter Clarkson - talking about how to protect your IP, how to select your IP attorney... and even how to get the right pricing arrangement with them!

Together they will advise on what to consider when setting up a company and the role of service providers to support an early stage business.  They will also share some of the common mistakes, and top tips on what successful entrepreneurs get right.  

There will be the opportunity to ask questions and we will end with an open discussion to explore these topics further, followed by networking and refreshments.

We'll also have a representation from Growth Works where you can find out about their programmes, investment opportunities and events all aimed at supporting growth in the local business community.

We're excited to be holding our first event in the newly opened West Hub, which is a superb new collaborative space. So come along for some inspirational and educational speakers, a chance to look around the new Hub, a networking opportunity... and for the refreshments!

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