Anpario plc launches new website

Anpario plc launches new website

September saw the launch of Anpario plc’s new website. With a global presence in over 80 countries, the new site represents a significant step forward in online visibility and usability.


From the ground up, Creative Sponge worked with Anpario’s management team to create an easy-to-use, visually appealing site. A comprehensive ‘knowledge centre’ – utilising sophisticated search – helps position Anpario as a leading authority in specialist feed technologies.

Mobile optimised and configured to rank highly in search engines, the new site is quick loading and intuitive. A separate micro-site for Investors gives access to the most recent financial reports and announcements.

Utilising geoIP technology, the site defaults to one of seven regions automatically, depending on which country the site is accessed from. In addition, a CDN – content delivery network – helps speed up access outside of the UK, caching images on secondary servers across the globe.


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