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Biocatalysts and immobilised enzyme kits can be used for fast screening in process development with a wide selection of immobilised lipases and enzyme carriers for different applications.

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The use of lipases for biocatalysis is rapidly growing as a powerful industrial tool for performing synthetic organic reactions.  Lipases, particularly lipase B from Candida antarctica (CalB) (07-3130), are common catalysts for the production of cosmetic additives, as well as active pharmaceutical and food ingredients.  They afford high regio-, chemo-, and enantio-selectivity.  The immobilization of these enzymes via the Purolite process provides additional sustainability, process economy, and ease of separation from reaction mixtures.  In addition, these products can be reused for many reaction cycles and applied in packed columns and reactor beds.

Combining high enzyme activity and mechanical stability, 07-3130 lipase B from Candida antartica is a small enzyme with stability from pH 3 to pH 10 with an optimum at pH 7.0.  In its native form, the enzyme is very stable and can be used at elevated temperatures up to 50°C in aqueous media and 60 to 70°C in non-aqueous systems.  The hydrophobic surface of CalB makes it ideal for immobilization on hydrophobic carriers.  Many preparations for immobilization of CalB have been commercialized with good initial activity, but suffer over longer time frames due to mechanical weakness.  CalB immo Plus addresses this shortcoming to work efficiently under strong mechanical stress at an industrial scale.  It has many advantages including:  mechanical and chemical stability, high activity and hydrophobicity for optimal mass transfer, and high selectivity when compared to chemical catalysts.  The support possesses good particle size for applications in column, packed bed reactors or batch applications. It also remains stable with nonpolar organic solvents.  This technology takes advantage of the synergy between a robust recombinant overexpression system and an outstanding polymer for enzyme adsorption.

This immobilized enzyme is available for individual sale or as a part of a more complete kit (96-4050) which includes its analogous immobilized enzymes. This kit is a useful tool for process development employing esterifications (both regio- and stereo-selective), (trans)esterificaitons, amidations and the modification of fats and oils for kinetic resolutions.



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