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BroadbandUK's Broadband Speed Test is the fastest growing speed test in the UK.

The Connecting Cambridgeshire website links to it, and it is the featured speed test on the website of Cambridge company Broadband Genie.

The speed test is a new generation of broadband speed test using the latest technologies.

The test is fully responsive so works on phones, tablets and laptops. It runs on all major platforms, Operating Systems and web browsers.

The test has been evaluated by the BBC and is linked to from their BBC iPlayer website; Stanford University and many other sites including county councils such as Essex, Oxfordshire, Shropshire, Kent and Nottinghamshire. Origin Broadband features the test on their website.

By utilising the latest technologies, the test is accurate from very low speeds (sub 1 Mbps) to Gigabit speeds.

Access the speed test here>>>

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