Cambridge companies are top of the UK for accuracy levels

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Perhaps we have local accuracy skills development training company Scott Bradbury to thank! With almost 1,000 participants successfully trained in accuracy skills, research by Scott Bradbury reveals that the firm's most accurate participants are those from the East of England.

Based just outside of Newmarket, Scott Bradbury has developed a unique series of accuracy training programmes - designed to improve attention to detail, productivity and efficiency.

Scott Bradbury says:

At the start of each programme, participants have their accuracy tested by a series of timed activities. At the end, participants are tested again, and the difference in error rate is impressive. Not only does this allow us to see who is most accurate already, but also who gets the biggest improvement as a result of our training.

Accuracy rates vary across the UK

Our data shows that the average error rate prior to the training was highest in Scotland at 4.1%. Our Scottish participants saw a huge reduction in their error rate as a result of the training - passing the final accuracy tests with just a 1.9% error rate.

More locally, we were delighted to find that the East of England had the lowest error rate pre-course - making Cambridge businesses amongst the most accurate in England!

We’re only human

As humans, we naturally make mistakes from time to time. However mistakes cost us time and money, so it pays to be develop your accuracy skills.

“Participants tell us how much they enjoy the training and our clients always get great feedback.” - Alice Hubbard, Senior Account Manager, Scott Bradbury Ltd

Our core accuracy programmes are Developing an Eye for Accuracy and Accurate Written Communication. These are delivered in-house and equip your people with practical error prevention techniques to increase productivity and efficiency. We also run an open workshop, One-Day Accuracy Skills, for individuals and smaller groups. To find out more about our programmes please visit our profile or get in touch.


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