Celebrating 3 years of Camrosh: dealing with complexity so you don’t have to

Camrosh is at the forefront of innovation and technology and its role for the past three years has been to give businesses, in any stage of development, the insights and confidence to thrive in the face of uncertainty.

Camrosh writes:

In giving business leaders the insights they need to succeed, we enable them to make sense of complexity and take informed action. We deliver a clear understanding of current and emerging trends to facilitate confident decision making for managing business change and sustainable growth. Like a puzzle, we bring your business and industry’s constituent parts together to give an informed picture of the whole, allowing for optimal strategic planning and execution.

“How do new disruptive technologies affect what my company does?”

“How are the latest and emerging innovations changing my customers’ businesses and their expectations?”


We’re glad you asked. Here’s how we’ll help.

Our Discover – Anticipate – Execute approach

Discover: to see, get knowledge of, learn of, find, find out, or to gain sight or knowledge of (something previously unseen or unknown)

Understanding the external environment of your business is key to designing and executing successful strategy. At Camrosh we use different tools and practices to create a full picture of that external environment for you, including technology and marketing landscaping, expert viewpoints, voice of customer and, current and future market opportunities.

Beneath the complexity and chaos of hype and information overload, there is a current that can be detected and exploited ahead of the curve. That’s where our discovery phase comes in. In discovery we give you the insight you need to explore technologies, markets and opportunities to innovate in complex and changing industries.

Anticipate: to realize beforehand, foretaste or foresee

Success is as much about choosing not to do something, as it is about doing something that was unimaginable before. We therefore work with businesses to anticipate technology trends and future scenarios, so you can shape your business’ future, and in doing so we help you stay ahead of the competition.

There are numerous ways we do this with you, including benchmarking the future, scenario planning, strategy gaming, startup watch and others. Whichever tools we use in the anticipate phase, the objective is to focus on the future to best prepare, shape and ultimately maximise the potential of your business strategy.

Execute: to carry out, accomplish, perform, do, or to produce in accordance with a plan or design

As a responsive dynamic system, the current business environment calls for well executed strategies. Our work on discovering your external environment and helping you become an anticipatory business will put you in good stead as we help you take the necessary steps for directing your investments, be they financial, technological or in human capital.

In working with businesses we give them a strong advantage over competitors when it comes to dealing with volatile and changing markets, supply chains and regulation, among others. Our approach to the execute phase is simple: plan, connect and acquire. We provide the strategic advice to enable you to implement decisions with confidence for long term impact to your business, and help you build a decision process that reduces assumptions and increases the robustness in your ongoing strategy execution.

Our Discover-Anticipate-Execute approach is highly adaptable and being technology and industry agnostic, we specifically select the most appropriate analysis tools for the requirement of the project.

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