Compandben shows its green credentials


By encouraging working from home and discouraging creation of offices, Compandben is aiming to minimise its carbon footprint.

John Tinsley, Director Compandben Companies, writes:

Like all companies these days we feel both outside pressure and demands from our own consciences to do what we can to minimise environmental damage.

We had a think about this and there are two aspects:


Internal- our own company practices

Internally compared to say two years ago, we now practise paperless business, utilising secure cloud-based technology to facilitate our business contracting and transactions: thereby reducing the use of paper and paper-based products in our business as well as the need for post and courier transportation services. The last bastion of paper was previously service agreement contracts, but by moving to electronic signature systems we seem to have overcome this now.

Our use of Skype Zoom and GoTo Meeting type software virtually eradicates the need for travel to internal and external meetings, thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Staff working from home are more likely to make their own lunch and breakfast than to grab an on-the-go option in plastic packaging, and coffee and tea are less likely to be consumed in paper cups.

Fact – more than 90% of the work-related carbon footprint of the average employee is accounted for by their commute.

External -Our Services

Our services include international HR Support, Payroll Administration and Employer of Record services (PEO). We make it easier for companies to expand globally: this is not viewed  as very eco-friendly these days unfortunately!

We encourage the use of employees working from home by making it possible for clients to have staff in countries without setting up legal entities there. And therefore, we discourage the setting up of companies, and offices (heating, lighting, office building maintenance A/C, kitchen facilities, cleaning etc).

This also discourages commuting (petrol/trains/buses/parking space/vehicle production and maintenance) -and see an earlier paragraph on purchase of meals, plastic etc.

What we can’t control though is the actual products and services that our clients are producing, utilising our outsourced employees. However, to our knowledge none of our clients is engaged in activities causing major pollution or environmental problems- we don’t have any clients in the tobacco. palm oil, or timber industries for instance.


Cambridge UK and Geneva Switzerland



Compandben started 2001; we set clients up with routine international payroll administration and Employer of Record services if clients don't have a legal entity in a country. Enables clients to quickly employ staff for short or long periods. Network -15 years in development- covers 100+ countries, eg Chile, Falklands, Gabon, Iceland, Mali, Sierra Leone, Madagascar: but our most active markets are Argentina, China, France, Belgium, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, UK.

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