Conference includes healthcare sensor technology forecast

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The 6th Annual Sensors in Medicine 2019 conference will incorporate a project to predict the technology future of sensors in healthcare.

Sensors in Medicine 2019

11-12 September, London

An integral part of the conference will be a project to use technology forecasting methods to predict the future applications of sensor technology in medicine and healthcare.  Currently, commercialisation of sensor technology for healthcare applications is an almost random process driven by academic research, formation of a spin-out company and acquisition of the necessary finance.  It is hoped that a forecast of healthcare areas where sensor technology will have the most impact will add a level of rationalisation to the commercial development process.

A short introduction to Technology Forecasting Methodology provides conference delegates with an overview of the project.  At the conference a series of scenarios will be presented, and delegates invited to select the most probable.

In addition, prior to the conference, Sensor100 will conduct an on-line survey of its subscriber database to get a view of which emerging sensor technologies they beleive will have the most impact on healthcare in the future.

Sensor100 gratefully acknowledges the support of LifeArc for the technology forecasting project.



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Captum Capital is an innovative consulting company, which facilitates the development of emerging life science companies. Captum provides MasterClasses in technology valuation and business modelling. The company founded Sensor100, an international network of people and organisations active in the development and commercialisation of bio- and chemo-sensors.

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