Cutting-edge sorbent products replace less efficient gas separators and catalysts

Metal Organic Framework company framergy, Inc., is the first to commercialise networked porous organic polymers, by unlocking direct air capture of carbon dioxide. Strem Chemicals is in the fortunate position of being able to supply this ground breaking material which has incredible and unparalleled molecular storage capacity, making this technology an ideal energy warehouse.

Anne Boehme (of framergy) writes:

Our 07-9500, sold in collaboration with framergy™ is an ideal candidate to process atmospheric carbon dioxide

With growing demand for energy and a rejuvenated domestic fracking sector, the dark side of an energy boom must be addressed.  New, more advanced materials must be invented to better capture polluting gases and improve energy efficiency. One company, framergy, Inc., known for its Metal Organic Frameworks, has just commercialised an entirely new class of materials for the Oil & Gas sector.

Working with Texas A&M University’s Dr. Hongcai Joe Zhou, framergy is the first company in the world to sell networked Porous Organic Polymers, often called POPs. This organic material is an ordered, three-dimensional framework. A POP is akin to the skeleton of a skyscraper, with the molecules connected to one another similarly to the struts and joints in a skyscraper to form pores, or holes, throughout the framework structure.  The connections between strut and joint are quite strong, but may not be reconfigured to generate a different structure without disassembling all chemical bonds in the system. Framergy’s™  POP,  AYRSORB™ P151 (Strem #07-9500), can also remove carbon dioxide from atmospheric air.

The formulation is based on porous organic resins that have been loaded with the liquid amine, diethylenetriamine (DETA).  The effect of this patented amine loading of a POP is the creation of a solid, lightweight material, which has a huge affinity for carbon dioxide. The adsorbent demonstrated shocking carbon dioxide uptake at a wide range of pressures, including a record high carbon dioxide uptake for any solid sorbent, up to 21 times its weight.

When left exposed to air, the material collects carbon dioxide at levels lower than 400 parts per million (PPM), making it the ideal candidate to process atmospheric carbon dioxide in a burgeoning sector, called direct air capture.  These materials were developed with a $1.5 million research grant to Texas A&M University from the Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Grant for carbon capture. Gregory Day, a scientist in the Zhou Group at Texas A&M University, explained the product as being “the next step in flue gas capture sorbents, giving efficient capture of high purity CO2 at an affordable price.”

framergy™, as a grant sub-awardee, was able to scale this POP to kilogram levels and began the sale of its commercial variant, AYRSORB™ P151, through Strem Chemicals (Strem #07-9500).  According to company Chief Operating Officer, Ray Ozdemir, “Scientists and engineers can now inexpensively buy AYRSORB™ P151 for CO2 testing or any of the endless applications POPs are suited for.”


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07-9500: Diethylenetriamine loaded cyanuric acid doped porous melamine formaldehyde resin, POP, AYRSORB™ P151  [2222446-49-1]

26-3725: Iron azobenzene tetracarboxylic, Porous [PCN-250(Fe)], AYRSORB™ F250  [1771755-22-6]

22-1070: Hexakis[μ-(2-amino-1,4-benzenedicarboxylato)][tetra-μ-hydroxyocta-μ-oxooctatitanium], NH2-MIL-125(Ti), AYRSORB™ T125  [09760-94-8]

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