Do you deserve your success?


For some, success feels natural, worthy and enhances self-esteem. Others experience self-doubt, and wonder whether they really deserve the accolades. They stress that making a mistake means they'll be found out... to have been a fraud all along. It's called the imposter syndrome, or imposter phenomenon.

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While you may not find yourself in the second category, stressing about being found out, wondering how you have managed to pull the wool over everyone's eyes for so long, about 70% of people at some point do. 

Training consultant and coach Kate Atkin says: "I'm delighted to be uncovering what lies behind the mask and how to overcome the imposter phenomenon feelings at the Cambridge Network breakfast this Thursday (30th March).

"Join us if you can, but if you can't, there's more on my website and you can always book me to speak at your event, or to coach an individual.  These feelings don't have to hold you back - they can be overcome!"


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Speaking & facilitating workshops on the impostor phenomenon / imposter syndrome, confidence and presentation skills.
For courses, workshops and coaching that help banish the imposter, build confidence, and ensure effective communication, contact Kate Atkin, inspirational speaker, facilitator and author.

Kate Atkin: Speaker (imposter syndrome) and Consultant