How to recruit tech talent

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Busy Bee Recruitment's Senior Technical & Engineering Consultant, Mark Bridge, shares his top tips on how to successfully recruit tech talent, such as Developers, for a non-tech company.

He writes:

Include tech jargon in the job spec

When it comes to writing an enticing job spec, tech-savvy language is key. It is likely the role will require specific tech skills and knowledge, which you need to make sure are included within the job description. Take time to do your research into similar roles, and align this to your company. Talented professionals are unlikely to apply for a role that doesn't clearly identify with their skills and experience.

Structure your interview process

Your interview process needs to be as organised as possible. Prepare a list of questions and topics you want to discuss, alongside any practical assessments. On the other hand, do not over complicate the interview process, balance is key. Try to keep test assessments on the short side, alongside asking clear and concise questions which allow you to successfully evaluate the candidate.

Be prepared to make a quick hiring decision

The recruitment process itself should never be rushed, however when you find the ideal candidate do not let them go! The tech talent pool is extremely competitive, a delay in making a decision could lead to you losing a great hire. Be mindful that as the tech industry is booming, especially within areas such as Cambridge, talented individuals are likely to have more than one interview lined up. If the candidate ticks all the boxes, don't hesitate to make them an offer.

Specialist recruiters

In some instances, it is better to leave it to the experts. Specialist recruitment consultant's such as myself can take the hassle away from the process. If recruiting developer's and tech talent isn't something you are familiar with, it is worth getting assistance. This is because of the special skills and knowledge required for a successful hire.

If you need assistance with recruiting  Tech and Engineering professionals, please get in touch with me, Mark Bridge on 01353 880253 or via email. Alternatively, check out our blog post to find out more about how our Busy Bees can help you recruit.

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