It's not 'just' a website - 2idesign suggests some things to think about

Everyone agrees: a website should look nice. But to be successful, a website has to tick several other boxes. It should work on an editorial design level, be well-defined, organised, intuitive and clear. Otherwise, you end up with a website that is difficult to use and with little substance.

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2idesign has come up with a checklist for you to run through before you entrust an agency with your website design project.

The team writes:

We'll be posting weekly over the next four weeks. Here is our first post:

Quality of design

The right design agency will have a portfolio of websites for you to look at. Anyone can 'say' they design good websites, but have a look for yourself, everybody's standards are different!


Built or themed website

Your website is a key component of your company's brand and should be made to reflect your Corporate identity. A prepackaged templated themed design will not achieve this; countless other businesses often use these so your website will not be unique.


Responsive website

These days, 52% of searches are on a mobile phone.  Having a responsive website means it will display correctly on a mobile phone or tablet. Responsive design should be an integral part of your project and should not be added as an extra piece of functionality.



There are different levels of attacks that can affect your website, so make sure your site is protected. There are some sound basic practices which every website should follow. Then there is an extra level of security which we would recommend should be added.


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