A little something for the weekend?

Rise 4 magazine from Sable&Hawkes

Or indeed the week, this week, next week ... we have time.... Sable produces a free marketing, design and business magazine called Rise - and is making the latest version free and accessible to anyone who would like a quick, short, entertaining and hopefully insightful read on all things marketing, branding and design.

Adrian Kimpton of Sable&Hawkes writes:

So if you want a bit of brain food, something to stimulate the juices and get the old noggin back in marketing, or design, or business mode - simply down load here Hello – I’m Rise 4 and have a read.

No subscriptions, no obligations, not chase tracking and call backs - Rise is our way of sharing the learning, experience and enthusiasm in our business on the issues that interest and challenge us in the work that we do every day. 

It doesn’t make us thought leaders but if our voice can rise above just some of the noise, maybe we can become thought provokers instead. I think we’d settle for that. 

We are Sable&Hawkes.
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And Doing.

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Sable&Hawkes are a graphic design company based in Cambridge. We deliver brand positioning, visual identity solutions, creative direction and corporate and promotional design in print and online.