Local businesswoman launches rewilding charity

Vhari Russell

A new charity, which sets out to rewild corridors of land affected by the building of new roads and housing estates, has been launched: ‘Creating Nature’s Corridors’.

The new initiative is the brainchild of Cambridgeshire (Brampton) based Vhari Russell, (managing director of The Food Marketing Experts) and represents a constructive response to the plight of those affected by the destruction of thousands of trees and hedgerows as a result of the ongoing development of land for residential housing.  The charity aims to annually plant 10,000 trees and hedges across the UK, starting with the least wooded areas of the country first.

In addition to improving the landscape for local communities, the work undertaken by Creating Nature’s Corridors will also encourage biodiversity and carbon capture. It is hoped that the charity will be able to collaborate with businesses involved in the construction industry, stimulating an improved environmental conscience to ensure their development activities are balanced with a responsibility to address the impact on the delicate local ecosystem. 

Commenting on the launch of Creating Nature’s Corridors, Vhari Russell said, “The tragic and unexpected death of my brother two years ago led me to question what my personal legacy would be when I left this world. My brother Rory was passionate in his love of nature and I wanted to do something which I know would have met with his approval. As the mother of three children, I believe we have a responsibility to educate the next generation on the importance of caring for our countryside and protecting the future of our planet. We need to involve them in measures to counteract the damage that is being inflicted by modern day commercial – and domestic – activities and to instil in them a greater respect for the natural environment than demonstrated by their immediate predecessors. Our focus will initially be on Cambridgeshire.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation to Creating Nature’s Corridors can do so via the charity’s website, for more information about the charity visit www.creatingnaturescorridors.co.uk

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