New funding for feasibility projects in digital convergence

On 23rd April, the Technology Strategy Board will make available £1.8 million for feasibility projects that address convergence in digital media and content. Projects can be 75% funded, with a maximum grant per project of £56,250.

It's not only the weather that has been unseasonably spring-like recently: the Technology Strategy Board has recently announced a wide range of funding opportunities of different kinds that will unfold over the coming months and that cover different technology/market combinations.

One of those opportunities is a £1.8 million funding pot to support feasibility projects that address "the converged nature of the digital landscape". More specifically, projects have to address one of three challenges:

Challenge 1 encourages innovative, hyper-local cross-media platforms and enabling technologies that will drive new service offerings, reach out into communities and provide conduits for public services.

Challenge 2 focuses on projects that will lead to true cross-platform origination of content, the collaborative generation of ideas, and new business models for content based on cross-media formats and consumption.

Challenge 3 seeks projects that investigate the potential of cross-platform analytical metrics and feedback tools to help content producers better understand the consumption of their products in a converged digital landscape.

This funding opportunity is open to small and micro companies working either singly or in collaboration with one another. Academics can apply, but only as part of a consortium. Projects should last up to 12 months and are eligible for grants of up to £56,250 or 75% of total costs, i.e. the total project costs must not exceed £75,000.

Further information is easy to get:


Preparing a successful application is not so easy, which is why Cambridge Funding Solutions offers help, not only with this scheme but with the many other grants that are out there. Contact for details.


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