o2h Ventures launches new SEIS/EIS fund


o2h Ventures Limited, an investment firm which specialises in backing biotech companies, has launched a new Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)/ Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) fund.

The o2h Therapeutics Fund is an early stage SEIS/EIS fund investing in biotech therapeutic and related AI opportunities.

Sunil Shah, CEO of o2h Ventures, said: “We are really excited to launch the o2h Ventures Therapeutics Fund. We see great deal flow through our hot network which is an accumulation of over 15 years of providing research services to this sector.

“Pharmaceutical companies are now interested in purchasing biotech companies at an earlier stage. Although this usually means they pay a lower price, it still represents a very attractive return for early investors.”

“The EIS benefits are a great way to invest in these fledgling businesses, as they develop and become of interest to potential buyers, and a great way to access great British innovation in therapeutics whilst mitigating the risk through the tax benefits. Such investments also provide opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolios.”

The Fund, which is about to make its first investment, will support a number of the companies in the o2h SciTech Park community which was acquired by o2h Ventures.

Suni Shah added: “Early stage companies often need more than just money, o2h Ventures has built a unique integrated model for early stage companies which includes the possibility of offering companies incubation in its o2h SciTech Park, in Cambridge, but also with the option to jump-start their research activity from o2h Discovery in Ahmedabad, India."

The background to the Fund is that large pharmaceutical companies have been closing down research centers globally for the last decade. This shift in focus of the large pharmaceutical companies has moved them from developing innovation in-house to acquiring innovation externally, forcing up the prices for the best science and providing earlier exit opportunities.

The team at o2h Ventures believes it has access to the most exciting scientific ideas through its live working relationships fostered over many years working as a discovery services company. This gives the firm far earlier access than competitors to the most promising companies.

The areas of disease that interest o2h Ventures include, alzheimer's, anti-aging, antibiotics, auto-immune, cancer, inflammation, and Macular Degenerative Disease (wAMD).


About o2h Ventures

o2h Ventures is a leading investment firm which specialises in backing biotech companies, offering private investors the opportunity to back promising medical innovations via the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Investment Scheme (SEIS).

It is the only firm, believes the management, that specialises in biotech therapeutics, as a deep technical expertise is required to analyse such businesses.

The company is based in Cambridge, UK.

Managing Partners are brothers Sunil (CEO) and Prashant Shah. Both have been working in the biotech/pharma space most of their careers and have invested personally in around 20 biotech companies, mainly in the Cambridge area.

See www.o2h.com/ventures for more details.

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