Plans underway for new travel hub at Foxton Station

Plans to create a new travel hub at Foxton Station have taken a big step forward.

Foxton Station

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) Executive Board has given approval to develop the design further, ahead of submitting plans to the Local Planning Authority for consideration.

Recommendations were made by the board; a full list can be found here.

A travel hub at Foxton could provide in the region of 200 car parking spaces, 100 high quality cycle parking spaces and a pedestrian footbridge linking both Foxton rail station platforms. The new travel hub would allow people to use public transport to complete their journey into Cambridge rather than drive all the way – reducing congestion and pollution on the route into Cambridge.

Initially 5% of all spaces will have electric vehicle charging points, but provision will be made for 100% of spaces to have charging points in the future as demand increases.

The proposed development would be screened with woodland planting along the southern boundary of the car park area to provide a visual barrier from the A10.

An application is forecast to be submitted in summer 2022 and if approved work is planned to start in 2023.

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