Ranplan Wireless awarded Eur 600K for EU 5G network slicing research project


Ranplan Wireless, developer of the world’s first 5G combined in-building and outdoor wireless network planning tool for urban environments, has been selected as a lead contributor to an EU-HORIZON project worth EUR 1.4 million over a four-year period.

Focused on realising the concept of network slicing in preparation for mass-market deployment of programmable 5G networks, this EU initiative brings Ranplan Wireless in partnership with CNR of Italy, Orange Labs of France and the University of Cambridge.

“The concept of network slicing, closely associated with the 5G vision, promises support for a whole variety of applications with vastly different service level requirements. It epitomises the real-time programmability of the network architecture of the future, characterised by the isolation of logical end-to-end networks on the top of a common and shared infrastructure. Its realisation is set to deliver highly desirable and tangible benefits – in terms of both cost and performance – to consumers, enterprises and operators,” said Professor Jie Zhang, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ranplan Group AB.

This research project will be led by Ranplan in collaboration with CNR, Orange Labs and the University of Cambridge.

The full project name is BANYAN, short for Big dAta aNalYtics for radio Access Networks. Its objectives, amongst others, are to develop algorithms and data analytics mechanisms to:

  •     forecast macroscopic spatial-temporal mobile service demands caused by user traffic and mobility
  •     geo-locate and characterise detailed in-building mobile traffic demands
  •     optimise the orchestration of virtualised 5G RAN resources to coordinate outdoor and indoor networks, including those using a variety of technologies.

In addition to developing key tools for data-driven 5G RAN, the project teams will play a key role in building the IPR, knowledge and skills needed across industry and academia.

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Ranplan is an innovative wireless technology company that has developed world leading software tools for outdoor/indoor wireless network planning, design and optimisation, using advanced 3D building modelling and radio propagation simulation.

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