Recently engaged? Tips on planning the perfect wedding

Christmas and New Year are officially the most popular dates for couples in the UK to get engaged. It’s not long into January before many couples start planning their big day and choosing the perfect wedding venue is among the biggest and most important decisions they have to make.

Trinity Hall's Jane Telfer writes:

I’ve been fortunate to have planned more than 250 weddings in the UK and USA at a range of exclusive venues.  As a Wedding Coordinator at Trinity Hall, I love being able to turn our wedding couple’s dreams into a reality. Our stunning riverside grounds and beautiful historic architecture offer an idyllic wedding venue. 

A recent bride wrote to me to say that her wedding day with us “was just like being in a movie,” and that “the day was absolutely perfect and exceeded our expectations in every way!”  It’s an honour and a privilege to have such a personal involvement in a couple’s big day. 

Creating the perfect wedding day

There isn’t a definitive way to create the perfect wedding, but I do believe it has to be personal.  Those weddings that stand out for me are undoubtedly those where the personality of the couple has permeated the celebration, often from quite subtle elements incorporated in their day to the grander and more theatrical gestures of love. 

For those planning their big day, I’d be delighted to share some of the advice that I give to wedding couples at Trinity Hall:

  • Always start with a budget.  Whether it is £100 or £100,000, everyone needs to know exactly how much they can spend.  When you know your limits you can prioritise where you want to spend it. It might be food and wine, or decor and flowers. 
  • A wedding day should be made up of a series of memories. Think back to all the weddings you’ve attended and remember what left you with the best memories. 
  • Don’t overlook the little details, they inevitably will be the things that your family and guests will remember most.  Traditions are lovely most of the time but not all traditions suit all couples so don’t be afraid to do something different which matches your personalities. 

To find out more about weddings at Trinity Hall or to arrange a viewing with Jane and the team email  call 01223 764444 or visit our website

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