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Following its very successful first virtual classroom training course, Anthias Consulting is looking ahead to the Complete GC & GC-MS course on 27th April. This course covers all the practical theory you need to know about GC and its related techniques including GC-MS along with strategies and steps for method development, maintenance and troubleshooting.

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This is a modular course! You can attend individual modules of one to four hours' duration to focus on a particular instrument part or stage of sample analysis or, you can combine modules to cover more topics (plus save money). Find out more and register now.

Anthias virtual classroom courses are totally interactive - taught live in a virtual classroom through instructor-led training with instrument parts and consumables shown and explained. Small group sizes with plenty of opportunities to ask questions through live Q&A.

The method development module has case studies to work through to apply the learning and the troubleshooting module has chromatograms to troubleshoot.

Feedback from Anthias' first online course:

How does it compare to other online training/webinars you have been on? "Better - enjoyed interactive bit at the end, was very useful in solidifying the information."
What did you most enjoy about the course? "The sheer depth of knowledge and information presented."
How does it compare to other online training/webinars you have been on? "More specific, more technical."

There are limited places available, so don’t miss this online course for interactive training with practical tips you can apply the instant you return to your lab.

This course has been approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) for purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – find it on the RSC website -

Modules cover the following topics:

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