Simple steps to improve your online security

Cyber security protects the core functions of any organisation and although the organisation itself is ultimately responsible for securing systems and technology, employees also have an important role to play.

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Cyber Business Growth writes:

It is vital staff understand why cyber security matters and companies provide relevant and engaging awareness training, that changes poor security behaviours and improves the organisation’s security culture.

Simple steps you should consider include:

  • Defending yourself against phishing attempts – malicious links or attachment sent by via email, text or social media to either trick you in to revealing sensitive data or downloading viruses on to your device. Phishing scams are getting more sophisticated and cyber criminals will use publicly available data about you or your organisation to make their emails seem more genuine.
  • Review your digital footprint (information that you post online, including photos & status updates) - think carefully about what you post and who can view it. Check your security and privacy settings for social media and professional networking sites.
  • Use strong passwords and don’t repeat them across multiple accounts. Hackers can also use your digital footprint to work out your passwords e.g. your pet’s name, favourite football team etc. Use multi-factor authentication wherever possible and activate screen locks on all devices.
  • Install updates and patches ASAP to improve your security. Cyber criminals will exploit vulnerabilities in software, apps and operating systems to access sensitive data. Only use apps from official app stores and never download third party apps from unknown sources.
  • Never connect to the internet using public wi-fi hotspots, such as in airports, hotels and coffee shops. Instead use your own mobile network and if required, tether other devices to it. In public places also be aware of other people who may be able to overlook your screen or listen to your conversations.

Our comprehensive and cost-effective cyber security awareness training analyses behaviours and identifies knowledge gaps to create a targeted and personalised training experience. Regular updates and ongoing simulation tests reinforce learning and access to security advice and guidance is available on-demand. Contact us for further information.

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