Swedish authority enhances critical communications for public transport with Sepura mobile terminals

Sepura SRG3900 mobile terminals have been deployed in trams and buses in Region Östergötland as Östgötatrafiken (Swedish Transport Administration) overhauls its critical communications capability.

Image: The SRGs have been deployed in both buses and trams across the network.

Östgötatrafiken Authorities has set a goal of achieving a 9% growth in shared use motorised traffic by 2030. They required a fit for purpose communications solution to support this, by offering clear and reliable comms between the traffic control centre and vehicles. The existing radio system was outdated and unsuitable for the planned increase in demand, and authorities chose a TETRA platform to enable clear voice communications and advanced data sharing capability over the network.

Following successful trials, Sepura’s partner, Northcom (previously Swedish Radio Supply) won the contract to install 400 SRG3900 TETRA mobile radios in the vehicles. The radios support the operation’s critical communications need by offering integrated data communications transmitting operational and maintenance information with the control room.  Users also benefit from advanced noise rejection ensuring clear audio is received by staff, even in high-noise environments found on transport at peak travel times.

The SRG3900 can also act as a gateway, capable of bridging coverage blind spots such as buildings or tunnels. In this way continuous communication with the vehicle and driver can be achieved, further improving operations and safety.

Advanced positioning capability ensures that control rooms can always accurately determine the location of vehicles improves operational efficiency and resource management, whilst improving the information that can be given to customers. The flexible range of control solutions, accessories and vehicle installation options make the SRG3900 an ideal fit for each vehicles and user.

Completed early in 2020, the network’s buses and trams now utilise a robust and reliable communication system fit for purpose and capable of supporting Östgötatrafiken’s future public transport needs whie also allowing for future growth.

Northcom is the new name for the VHF Group, comprising Swedish Radio Supply, Wireless Communication and Radiocom Danmark. Under the Northcom brand the group will present a unified presence across Northern Europe.

Image: The SRGs have been deployed in both buses and trams across the network.

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