TDS chooses IQGeo to optimise construction processes for fibre network rollouts

IQGeo Workflow Manager software interface

IQGeo announced a major new contract with TDS Telecommunications LLC (TDS®) in North America for its IQGeo Platform and Workflow Manager software.

IQGeo (AIM: IQG), a developer of geospatial productivity and collaboration software for the telecoms and utility industries, announced a major new contract with TDS Telecommunications LLC (TDS®) for the IQGeo Platform and Workflow Manager software.

The initial contract provides for 240 software user licences allowing TDS to improve construction efficiency to support its ambitious fibre network expansions.

As one of the fastest-growing telecoms operators in the United States, TDS delivers high-speed internet, TV entertainment, and phone services to nearly 900 rural, suburban, and metropolitan communities with over 1.2 million connections. With a goal of reaching underserved customers, TDS is executing a series of fibre network projects that will benefit from the use of the IQGeo geospatial software.

Fibre network construction projects are complex and involve tight coordination between internal staff and external contracted teams. IQGeo’s Workflow Manager software will digitize and automate the construction process and management of operational records. Integrating data from other design and management applications, Workflow Manager will automate the construction task process with critical information, providing project visibility and accountability.

“We selected the IQGeo software based on a wide range of criteria, but one of the key product advantages is its mobile capabilities,” explained Ken Paker, Senior vice president and chief technology officer at TDS. “To properly manage construction tasks, we need a mobile app that is simple for our staff and contractors to use and works in rural areas. Many construction areas do not have network connectivity so the geospatial workflow management and as-built capture capabilities must operate offline.”

“We are pleased to partner with TDS in order to achieve their aggressive fibre rollout strategy.” Commented Jay Cadman, General Manager of Americas for IQGeo. “The TDS team recognizes how critical digitizing the construction process is to controlling costs and improving time-to-market. Workflow Manager gives them real-time visibility on a task-by-task basis with full project reporting. Project managers can quickly assess the status of all active construction tickets and proactively address conflicts before they hit their bottom line. The IQGeo software will help keep TDS ahead of the construction curve and meet its challenging business KPIs.”

About IQGeo

IQGeo’s end-to-end geospatial software improves productivity and collaboration across enterprise planning, design, construction, maintenance and sales processes for telecoms and utility network operators. Our mobile-first enterprise solutions create and maintain, an accurate view of complex network assets that is easily accessible by anyone, wherever and whenever needed. 

Specialized applications combined with our open IQGeo Platform help network operators create a single source of network truth to meet their digital transformation ambitions and operational KPIs. Our award-winning, cloud-enabled solutions save time and money, and improve safety and productivity, while enhancing customer satisfaction.



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