Unique Crayfish service makes the headlines

Innovative Cambridge online startup Crayfish International - which offers a unique service to help businesses operate in China - is making waves.

Add This Share Buttons Just over a month after launch, it featured this week on the front page of the Europe edition of China Daily, which has the widest print circulation of any English-language newspaper in China, reaching an international audience.

Crayfish matches English-Chinese bilingual freelancers with Western businesses who need help in dealing with their Chinese partners and audiences, providing a source of qualified people to undertake projects and offer information, knowledge and cultural insight.

Business users post their projects on to the site and freelancers bid for the work, with the transaction carried out through the web-based Crayfish platform, Crayfish.io. Users pay a fee after they accept a freelancer's proposal, with payment - less commission - released on completion of the job.

Most jobs to date have involved document translation but more diverse projects such as sourcing and Chinese patent filing are on the horizon, according to Crayfish's Founder and CEO, Ting Zhang. "In the post-Brexit era, British businesses have to start looking at exporting to countries outside the EU, and China is one of the most important markets," she said.

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