Virtual brewery tour is a blast

Empty BrewBoard cans and a yellow rose

Cambridge Network hosted its first virtual brewery tour and beer tasting on Tuesday evening with Harston-based craft microbrewery BrewBoard.

Louise Rushworth, Cambridge Network's events manager, writes:

Drinks were pre-ordered and pre-delivered to our virtual pub. Punters were given a short virtual tour of the tiny brewery and of course, sampled their beers.

Six beers from a giftpack of cans with stunning graphics and fantastical names such as Bambino, Turmoil, Rex Ripchord, Botanika, and Beasticus were all tried...well, drunk, under the auspices of brewers Paul Archer, Stuart Chambers and Oliver Pugh.

The passion and enthusiasm of the team was evident, even over Zoom. They shared detailed summaries of all the beers, how they were brewed, the yeasts they used (some were Norwegian Kviek, and they seem to have their eye on some 4000 year old Egyptian yeast!), the flavours, colours and brewing time. Our audience sipped their beers and asked loads of questions, laughed, chilled their cans and opened and drank them throughout the interactive session.

One story that came to light was that one of the attendees met his future wife at one of the regular brewery tap, music and food nights in the days when that sort of thing was allowed. Several single women then made a mental note to attend one of these evenings...

Joking apart, what a lovely, relaxed and entertaining evening with BrewBoard. They had fun doing our tour and our audience loved it. Drop in, say hello, and support a local brewery:


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