Wealth Management Consultant warns of unregulated investments

Wealth Management Consultant Thornton Wells has once again put pen to paper to help a city publication warn investors about unregulated investments in SIPPs.

In a piece published in City A.M., Thornton is one of several contributors to the article, discussing the need for diligence in pension investments. The piece was created after another SIPP provider was found to be at fault, losing clients up to £12m through unregulated investment schemes.

Mattioli Woods would like to assure you that our team knows your investments first-hand. They say: "Our internal capital adequacy assessment process – which ensures we have long-term internal procedures and processes in place to cover all of our material risks – is more than met, and monitored on a regular basis. Our pillar 3 disclosure details, meanwhile – which promote market discipline through regulatory disclosure requirements – are publicly available for anyone who would like further information."

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your consultant. You can also read ‘How safe is my pension provider?’, written by Wealth Management Director Alex Brown.

For the full article by Thornton, head to City A.M.’s website.

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